turbox2 0.5

turbox2 is an XMMS2 client using TurboGears. TurboGears is a web development framework in Python that allows for the development of interactive web interfaces. XMMS2 is a client/server music player. XMMS2 has an advanced Media Library which allows for browsing and searching of ones music collection.

Screenshot #1

turbox2 implements a web interface to the playlist, including basic playlist operations such as move and delete, as well as an interface to the Media Library, allowing for one to easily add music to the playlist and navigate the Media Library.

Download: turbox2-0.5.tar.gz MD5: 60575335a0bd0123fe3a07d1b2903b57

The Media Library interface is customizable using turbox2's Views framework. There are currently two views: An Albums by Artist view, and a Web2.0ish Tag cloud, which varies artists sizes based on the ammount they are played.